Where is My Neighbourhood?

You may have clicked on my “neighbourhoods” tab above in search of a particular neighbourhood you love in Toronto…and now you are probably wondering why are there only a small handful of the 140 neighbourhoods officially recognized by the city of Toronto? Well, let me tell you why before you think I may not know about the neighbourhood you live in or dream of living in. I plan on adding more and more key neighbourhoods over time. In truth, it takes a long time to write pages which ultimately takes me away, in the short term, from helping my clients move into or out of those very neighbourhoods you love!

There are many realtors in Toronto who literally list themselves as a professional in all of the above 140 neighbourhoods!!! Seriously!?! This is just not possible. Trust me on this one. I am the first to admit whether I know or I don’t know an area well enough to guide my clients through the selling or buying process. If you found yourself on this page wondering “where is my neighbourhood?” then call me or send me an email, I will let you know whether your neighbourhood is on my “TO DO LIST” for my website. Watch this space as Toronto’s favourite core neighbourhoods are being added regularly.

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