Toronto Boulevard / Front Yard Parking Information

This is great news for anyone looking to buy a home in Toronto that appears to have front pad parking but, in fact it may not… a Professional Realtor should do his/her job to ensure you are protected. Parking in Toronto can represent about 10% of a home’s value. If on closing you find that you do not have a parking pad I’m certain that you would be very upset and looking for someone to take responsibility for the issue!

Good news! It was just announced that the city of Toronto now offers an online PDF that shows whether a property has Boulevard / Front Yard Parking currently.

This article was just announced on our professional MLS system (Toronto Real Estate Board).

February 3, 2009 — TREB has received a letter from the City of Toronto indicating that the City has made information regarding properties currently licensed for boulevard parking (i.e. front yard parking, driveway widening, residential/commercial boulevard parking) available on its web site. The City has advised that a license for boulevard parking does not follow the property, and that new property owners need to apply to have the license agreement transferred.

City of Toronto Parking Site

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