Dufferin Grove Library

Well, it is year 2 of the Bloor and Gladstone Library renovation. The fencing has been taken

Link down for the most part but, a lot of work remains. The glass cube on the west seems to be intact albeit there are a few broken slabs. I cannot wait for this project to be completed. Back in September of 2008 I asked the site manager when he expected the project to be completed, he said June 2009…here is hoping but, the interior is relatively untouched…I wouldn’t be surprised if we in the Dufferin Grove community will be waiting another year before completion.

I’m excited for the final day of completion to come as it will be yet another step in the Bloor St. west corridor revitalization plan. A cleaner, more inspiring and welcoming community will go a long ways for the people who call Dufferin Grove home.

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