Is It A Good Time To Sell A House

Is It A Good Time To Sell A House in 2018? | Ryan Roberts

  Is It A Good Time To Sell A House “Is It A Good Time To Sell A House?” is likely the most commonly asked question amongst my homeowner clients.  There are a number of ins and outs to get to the bottom of whether my clients should consider selling. Let me break down the questions and answers that I provide. Let me start by saying “YES!” may or not be fair to your specific situation. In general, the answer is “YES!” but not before delving into the caveats and essential questions below. Seasonal […]

Will Condo Prices Drop In Toronto for 2018?

Will Condo Prices Drop in Toronto for 2018? | Ryan Roberts

Will Condo Prices Drop In Toronto? This is a common question that I get asked “Ryan, will condo prices drop in Toronto finally?”. Unfortunately, I see no possibility of a drop in the near future. Condos have been driving Toronto’s real estate market for more than a year and a half. There are too few new condos coming to market to serve the population growth in the city of Toronto. We have approximately 200,000 people moving to the GTA on an annual basis. This is incredible growth. The primary issue lies in […]

Media = Eye Roller

MARKET UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING MARCH 9TH, 2018 “Home prices dip 12% as sales fall ” Toronto Star – Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 “Toronto housing prices edge up smartly in February” The Globe and Mail – Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 Anyone reading the news will surely be confused by what the media has to say about the real estate market these days. So, what is really going on? The average price for a home in the City of Toronto is $806,494, climbing more than 5% from last month, as […]

Winter Hibernation Is Over!

  Home buyers have awoken from their Winter hibernation. The last two weeks have seen the return of droves of homebuyers who find themselves in on a similar party that the condo buyers have been involved in for some time. Toronto’s downtown real estate market is roaring, again. Even the luxury market north of $2.5 million is picking up the pace. If a house is well priced it will sell and sell quickly at a high price! Now is a great time to list as we simply do not have […]