The Annex Is Surprisingly Peaceful

The Annex Street Sign

I met with a wonderful new client yesterday. She was talking to me about buying in The Annex. As it stands she and her family live in North Toronto. North Toronto is a very peaceful, relatively quiet neighbourhood in Toronto. Her home is set on an exceptionally quiet street. This got me wondering what the draw to the busyness of downtown is… Well, it turns out that the family has lived in many incredible cities around the world. Which has led them to a desire to be more central and […]

Transitioning Into The Summer Market ’17

Cottage Life

MARKET UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING JUNE 16TH, 2017 Back in the old days of real estate the Realtors® would work hard up until the end of June and then they would take the summer off, as did most of their clients. Over the past many years the Spring market has lasted well into the summer with usually just a short break in the dog days of August. We are definitely feeling old school with the slow pace of listings and even slower pace of sales heading into summer this […]

Years Of Patience Provides Financial Security

Last week I had a great conversation with a past client. In fact so far in the “past” that he was one of my first clients that I’d ever had. It all started back about 10 years ago, when his parents were visiting from out west and they had decided to pop into a condo that I was open housing. We connected. When I followed up afterwards they said that there son is thinking of buying in Toronto. Not long after that I was in touch with their son. We […]

Tailored Service

The Dirty Inc Toronto

I recently purchased a couple of suits from an excellent tailor on King Street East. The dirty inc is run by Sox (and his wife, Daria). Sox is a fantastic tailor with excellent creative flair. I went to Sox because he has done excellent work for others that I know. I put my trust in his hands. I know what I like when I see it but I struggle to see swatches as full suits. Sox however, can see the end product in mind. He looks at me and says […]