The Biggest Real Estate Mistakes We Make – Decade By Decade

The Biggest Real Estate Mistakes We Make – Decade By Decade With every stage of life we have new and evolving challenges, demands and responsibilities to handle. Our relationship to money is complex and nowadays with real estate affordability being at an all time low it is only making it harder to navigate our decisions. Here is a decade by decade detailing of some of the mistakes we make. The teen years get a pass on this one! There is no mistake in enjoying the comforts of home until you […]

Price and Cost Of Housing

  Despite how similar Price and Cost may appear, these are quite different. Price: How much money does someone have to pay to acquire the home from someone else? It’s that simple. Nothing vague. Hard cold cash. Cost: On the surface this may appear straight forward, however, cost is more challenging. It is relative. What is the cost to maintain the property, mortgage debt servicing, the annual property taxes, more space equals more furniture/paint/artwork/heating/cooling/insurance. Bigger than the functional aspects can be the cost to keep up with your neighbours. I’m […]

Don’t Just Sell

There are a lot of lessons that life has thrown my way over the years, both professionally and personally. One major lesson that I have learned that falls under both the professional and personal categories is “don’t just sell”. What I mean by this is don’t just sell the house, the cottage, the cabin, the ski chalet, the farmhouse, the condo, etc… Not without having a clear plan as to what your next move will be. Hold your horses. It is especially important to know what you will  do with […]

It May Look Easy But Who Are You Kidding?

A number of years ago a close client of mine (right after helping him buy his 3rd investment property in downtown Toronto) said to me that the sign of a true professional is someone who makes it look easy. He then went on to explain how easy NHLers make hockey look. Thus there are so many “armchair quarterbacks”. Most people think it is easy, as they are watching from a distance and from a camera that shows time and space that only the elite of the elite can see on […]