Best Restaurants In The Annex

Best Restaurants in The Annex | Ryan Roberts

  So, you find yourself in The Annex looking for some good food. Or, you would love to experience all that the Annex has to offer in terms of great food. I want to start off by saying that the Annex is not known for its culinary delights as Bloor Street caters to university students, so you will find plenty of cheap eats, a wide range of foods but nonetheless, the food is along the line of affordable. All that aside here are a few gems that are worth experiencing! Best […]

Things To Do In The Annex During The Winter

Things to do in The Annex in Winter | Ryan Roberts

  Something about the image of a snowy street brings me to the painting of Lawren Harris, my favourite of the Group of 7 painters. I do not know that any of his snowy Victorian homes are actually of The Annex but many do look as though they could be. Harris’ neighbourhood paintings make me think of warmth inside and this classic song, despite the cold weather : “Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful, And since we’ve no place to go, Let It Snow! […]

Black Friday Phenomena

MARKET UPDATE FOR THE WEEK ENDING NOVEMBER 17TH, 2017 Over the years we have watched the Black Friday phenomena move north of the border and now it is not unusual to see line-ups outside big box stores in Toronto.  As always the in demand items are electronics, televisions, clothes and… Real Estate? While a few weeks back we might have thought we were headed for an early end to the Fall market, that definitely does not seem to be the case as we get into the second half of November.  […]

What Condo Dwellers Really Want

What Condo Dwellers Really Want | Ryan Roberts

If you look in any direction you will see new condo buildings go up throughout Toronto, cranes everywhere it seems! It is very much the future of Toronto Real Estate. There is no way to deny this. But have you ever wondered what condo dwellers really want? Over the last 12 years developers have been catering to the investor segment by offering the majority of condo units as 1 bedrooms spaces and bachelor condos. Over this period of time, the Toronto population has boomed. So much so that prices have […]