A Few Pics From Some Recent Travels

I have had the opportunity to travel to some great areas this year. From the Rockies to the Coastal Mountains here in Canada and a brief stint in New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup. Here are a few pictures of some “accommodations” I found along the way…

Starting off with something I noticed while walking the streets of Vancouver (aside from the fact that a majority of houses are wooden), the basement floors are “above grade” something that you do not see very often in Toronto. What a difference this makes for a basement tenant (again, common in Vancouver due to the massive expensive required to purchase a home there). These basements are full of light. Instead of a 3×2 foot window at eye level you can actually have floor to ceiling windows…An example:

A quick and affordable option I came across in Kitsilano…it had a great view of the mountains and ocean…an excellent way to wake up in the morning. Or after a siesta.

Back here in Toronto, this is actually one of my favourite downtown homes, the back end appears to have been renovated in a nice modern way…  (I do love red-brick century old homes):

 Now on to New Zealand, I was walking along the wharf in Auckland Harbour when I happened upon a new condo development (this wasn’t built during my last trip 6 years ago). I couldn’t get over the parking, specifically the boat parking, there were private boat slips for the condo units, along with a private lock system. I have NEVER seen this before, I was in awe. What a way to live your life! (interestingly the car parking lot is located under the boat slip ‘pond’. (the second pic shows the traffic lights for the boaters entering and exiting the locks into the harbour.)

An artist live/work space in the hills north of Auckland, the day before saw 24 sheep “cutting the grass” around the space. Very much off-the-grid:

A room with a view, perhaps we all grew out of this type of living once our childhood ended but it still stirs something deep within me 😉

Before I leave NZ, back to the ocean. Since the Rugby World Cup was in town there were many mega yachts of the world’s wealthy visiting the harbour. There were some with helicopter pads, full motor boats parked inside boats, incredible. But!…this one stood out for me, it was beautiful – the wood, the shape, simply incredible. The size also blew me away, the pic doesn’t do this any justice, have a look at the man at the bow, gives a little bit of an idea just how big this boat is. I have no idea how many can sleep on her, but I’m sure it could fit your friends.

Ah, a final shot, this one was snapped on the distant shores of Lake Simcoe this summer, my accommodations for a couple of dear friends’ wedding…that is my suit hanging on the line 😉

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