Neighbourhood Name Change: Junction Triangle

It’s official, it’s no longer fuzzy! The neighbourhood once named after an intersection has chosen an identity. Gone with Wallace Emerson, in with “Junction Triangle“. The triangle notion comes from the 3 sets of railroad tracks that frame the area. (also formerly known as the iron triangle…but thankfully this didn’t stick).

After two rounds of voting and whittling down more than 230 names, residents of a west-end Toronto neighbourhood went with tradition when it came to choosing a moniker for their fuzzily defined area.

The name “Junction Triangle” got the most support out of the 10 names in a final round of voting last weekend, marking the end of the “Fuzzy Boundaries” neighbourhood-defining project. It got 314 votes out of a total of 674 – more than twice the two runners-up.

Excerpt from Globe & Mail

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