May 5, 2016 | Good to Know


Toronto’s real estate market is hotter than the release of the new Drake album. Our recommendation is to get used to the “new normal” of low interest rates and tight supply. In our opinion, strong fundamentals for continued growth in the housing and condominium sector across the Greater Golden Horseshoe will continue for some time. 

With any luck the number of freehold listings should increase over the next few weeks, as is the typical spring tradition. Last week we saw a modest 7.7% increase in listings which paled in comparison to the 47% increase during the previous week however sales were off by nearly 12% which could be attributed to the number of holdbacks (a later date set for offer reviews) of properties listed the week before. Despite a lower number of sold homes, our research indicated that 71.1% sold at or above the asking price.

The condominium sector has the ability to confound us from time to time. last week we recorded a marginal 3% drop in new listings online and a 8.9% decline in sales. That would generally lead us to believe that pressure in this sector was easing off a bit however the key market indicator, sales at or above the list price, remains at close to an all-time high at 35%. No surprise that the hot price point of the condo market remains suites under $700,000 price point.

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