The Annex According To Toronto Life Magazine

The Annex According To Toronto Life Magazine… I get a kick out of some of the articles and write-ups that come out regarding our real estate market and neighbourhoods. Always take a proactive thinking approach to what you read. I was just flipping through some of the reviews when I came across The Annex, the article states that detached homes are cheaper than semi-detached homes. This is in fact not accurate. Wouldn’t it be nice if this were true? I would certainly jump on that opportunity! I’m curious what metrics and amount of proof reading consideration goes into these. In addition, “The Annex” has gobbled up Seaton Village (or West Annex) and Yorkville when in fact these are three distinctly different neighbourhoods. (The Annex is Bloor Street West north to Dupont, from Bathurst Street east to Bedford Avenue. (OK, perhaps the lines are up for debate, but ask anyone who lives in either neighbourhood and they will give you the same clear distinction I have). My experience in the Annex has proven that a detached is 2 million, a semi-detached house starts at 1.25 million. (Seaton Village is slightly cheaper while Yorkville is substantially more than The Annex).

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