Lawrence Park

What Makes Lawrence Park So Great?

Lawrence Park is probably the most affluent and wealthy areas in the entire city. Full of beautiful homes, access to the city’s best schools, centred around Mt Pleasant Road, and with convenient access to the city’s core, it’s easy to see why so many of Toronto’s most famous people call Lawrence Park home.

Types of Homes: Lawrence Park is full of large, beautiful homes built in a ton of different styles, including English Cottage, Tudor Revival, and Colonial style designs, but it isn’t uncommon to see some magnificent new style homes mixed in with the historic early and mid 1900s style architecture.

You Should See: A lot of the park’s residents belong to The Granite Club, a private, invitation-only club that’s known as one of Canada’s most prestigious Athletic clubs. It’s also known for its collection of impressive neighbourhood schools, like Crescent School and SOLA – School of Liberal Arts.

Neighbourhood Hot Spots: Besides The Granite Club, there are some well known restaurants, including North 44 and venturing a bit more North, Auberge Du Pommier.

How to Get Around: You could take the subway via near-by Lawrence Park station, but if driving is more your thing, then you have direct access to the city’s core via both Yonge Street and Mt Pleasant Road.