What Makes Riverdale So Great?

Riverdale, just across the Don River from the city center, is a large, thriving, and vibrant Toronto neighbourhood that an increasing number of young families and professionals are starting to move into. Home to a rising art scene on Queen East, the notable ethic areas of Greektown and East Chinatown, and some of the best city views around at Riverdale Park, Riverdale offers something for just about everyone. Looking for a nice night out, great shopping, or a picnic in the park? Riverdale has easily got you covered.

Types of Homes: Because Riverdale is so large, you can find all sorts of different houses in the area.You’ll find gutted and completely renovated bungalows sitting comfortably next to historic multi-storey houses.

Condo and Loft Living: If condo or loft living is your thing, check out Riverside Lofts (747 Queen Street East) and Glebe Lofts (660 Pape Avenue).

You Should See: If it’s the Summer, you should plan to attend the Taste of the Danforth festival. Each year, it draws record numbers to celebrate all of the fabulous food served by all of the restaurants on The Danforth. You’ll also want to check out Riverdale Park; in my opinion, it boasts some of the best views of the skyline in the city.

Neighbourhood Hot Spots: The Danforth has always been know for 2 things: Greektown and The Taste of the Danforth, but with all the new people moving into the area, The Danforth has attracted a rich selection of great shops, independent coffee shops, and top-notch restaurants. If you’re in the area, you’ll want to check out Broadview Espresso (for some great, local coffee), Dora Keogh (for a traditional Irish pub experience), and The Big Carrot (for a great selection of local and organic food).

How to Get Around: If you’re up by The Danforth, then getting around is not a problem at all; The Danforth subway line runs, well, straight down The Danforth and then quickly connects the area with the downtown core. In the South part of Riverdale, streetcars run through all the major streets, including Gerrard Street and Queen Street.