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Condo Balcony

The year 2020 has made condo balconies and terraces all the more important for people. It’s no wonder why we are craving outdoor space more than ever these days as we work from home for the foreseeable future. It’s incredible how few stylized and creative balconies exist. Take a moment and look up at the nearest condo building in Toronto, you will see that a vast majority of the balconies have little to no inspiration. Follow these tips, and not only will you be happy, and your friends are impressed, but this will help increase the saleability of your condo when the day comes to sell. The condo balcony is often overlooked!

Condo Balcony – Ideas & Inspiration

1. Floor

No need to suffer through concrete floors anymore! There are some excellent wood and faux-wood easy to assemble and removable tiles that create an inviting balcony. Ikea has some options to consider. In addition or as an alternative, you can also get a nice outdoor rug to add a punch of colour. Not only will these create and define the balcony space, but it will also feel good on the toes!

2. Seating

When it comes to seating, you have a couple of options depending on the amount of space you have. If you have a smaller balcony, our suggestion would be to go with a smaller dining set that will fold up and place it against the wall. The upside to this is not only sharing a meal with others but also the option to allow space for suntanning and perhaps some outdoor yoga. Space permitting, it would be great to have a more substantial outdoor dining set as well as an outdoor sofa and chair. When purchasing couches and chairs, go neutral in colour and focus on fabrics that ware well in sun and other weather elements – you will want the ability to clean the cushions easily.

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3. Plants

Space permitting, consider planter boxes; these can be incredibly stylish and modern. Living plants would be an excellent move. However, it’s essential to consider the colder months as the plants may need to be wrapped, or many won’t service. Adding plants add a lot of colour to your balcony. Another worthwhile consideration with plants is that these can provide privacy and shade depending on the space, angle to the sun and visibility with neighbours and passersby.

4. Lighting

Battery operated lights can go a long way to create an inviting setting in the evening. Be mindful of candles and Christmas lights, as the condo corporation may not permit these. A common choice is a lantern feature that sets a wonderful mood for dinner time with friends and family.

No detail should ever be overlooked when it comes to your living space. Take advantage of these tips tp uplevel your condo balcony! Be sure to check with your condo corporation guidelines before you get started.

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