A Book I Liked: Beyond The Horizon

I recently read the book Beyond The Horizon by Colin Angus. Colin is a west coast Canadian who embarked on a trip around the world. He walked, biked and rowed from Vancouver to Siberia to Spain through to Costa Rica then all the way back to Vancouver. It was an incredible journey, so much drama! It took him two years and a couple travel partners, the last being his fiance, now wife.

Colin biked through minus 40 degree whether through Siberia, just imagine, actually I don’t know one could even imagine what that would be like. he survived multiple hurricanes in the Atlantic while tucked inside a row boat shaped like a small sailboat hull. Just incredible!

I highly recommend the escape this book offers. I actually met Colin and Julie at IdeaCity09 in Toronto, they were both very down to earth people, not a surprise considering the adventures they have been on.

(I also really like that there is an eco twist to the story, he did his best to circle the world with no fuel – 43,000++ kilometers with human power!!!)

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