July 19, 2017 | Good to Know

When looking to buy a condo in Toronto as a solid investment the most important aspect of your decision is to buy red brick condos and wood beams. In other words, buy a hard loft conversion. Toronto has a number of them but as you can imagine they aren’t making them anymore. 

The fact that you have to wait 100 years or so for the next batch of red brick condos to be converted means that you have purchased something very unique. No matter what today’s cost per square foot price is for a hard loft in Toronto actually is, it is not enough when you look at the long-term investment.

In some cases, there are buildings in the city, like The Toy Factory, that have Douglas Fir wooden beams. This wood is no longer logged on mass due to it’s near extinction in Canada. Again, rarity is essential. Just like in advertising and communications you need to ask “what is the unique selling point”?  What makes this better or stand out from other competitors.

Drywall and glass condos are built every day. Historic red bricks and wooden beam condos are worth purchasing.

Here are some condo hard loft conversions in the Toronto:

Wrigley Lofts at 245 Carlaw

Broadview Lofts at 68 Broadview

Printing Factory Lofts at 201 Carlaw

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