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cabbagetown toronto

Cabbagetown is one of Toronto’s exceptional neighbourhoods. The exquisite century homes have an architecture that predates nearly all of Toronto’s neighbourhoods. Add in the tree-lined streets and the fact that Cabbagetown is tucked away from most the main transportation arteries of Toronto’s downtown core, and you have a preserved historic hood that is the envy of many Toronto residents. Note that Cabbagetown is tucked away but also very accessible for those who live there and those in the know. Cabbagetown homes have an incredible balance of the centre architecture with renovations and improvements that have tastefully modernized certain elements. It’s rare to walk into a home that doesn’t make you swoon.

The mix of homeowners ranges from successful business people and the whos-who of the creative arts. A wonderful neighbourhood!

We have detailed some of our favourite things to do in this Cabbagetown Neighbourhood Guide. Let’s get started!

House on Parliament

Our favourite restaurant is the neighbour’s go-to as well, House On Parliament. The HOP is an excellent spot to grab a global beer and enjoy the definition of Gastropubfood! We can’t count how many burgers we have enjoyed over the years. Also, if you are having a party (when permitted), there is an excellent party room on the second floor!

Daniel et Daniel

Daniel et Daniel is a wonderful spot to grab some pre-made meals at curbside or on the go.  We have used their catering department for our agent open houses many times over the years. The food is excellent. We’ve also been to some beautiful weddings and some of Toronto’s most elegant events which have boasted their excellent food. The history of this catering company is something special and worth exploring. The next generation of this family-run business is doing a great job, and we expect to see them continue their excellent fare.

Jet Fuel

The name says it all. This coffee shop serves a bean that gives your system a jolt like only jet fuel could do! Jet Fuel is a character-filled coffee that was hip way before the independent neighbourhood cafe became a thing in Toronto. Also, the love of road biking rain deep in this cafe well before Lance Armstrong (despite the revelation post-retirement that brought his fame crashing back to earth) created a buzz in North America. Jet Fuel had their cycling team, which had some of Toronto’s finest cyclists, well before the sport hit the mainstream in Toronto with clubs like the incredible Morning Glory Cycling Club. Have an espresso at Jeet Fuel, and we dare you. We double dare you!

Riverdale Farm

Okay, now for the beautiful hidden gem of Toronto’s downtown, Riverdale Park. Riverdale Park is a wonderful piece of the country life tucked away in Cabbagetown. You would be hard-pressed to find a better escape from city life with the kids. It’s a magical farm with many different animals. Riverdale Farm is a great reminder of what Toronto was like not that long ago! Pretty incredible to think that our bustling city was once forested and farmland!

Have a look at what homes are for sale in the neighbourhood here.

We are your Cabbagetown neighbourhood guides, contact us here regarding any questions about selling or buying in Cabbagetown! 

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