City of Toronto Launches New Home Renovation Grant Program

The City of Toronto has launched Home Energy Assistance Toronto (HEAT),
a new incentive program offering residents up to $1,000 when they
upgrade their home insulation. HEAT is open to residents of low-rise
residential properties, such as detached and semi-detached houses, and
townhomes, and is designed to encourage Torontonians to undertake
improvements to increase their home*s energy efficiency, reduce
associated greenhouse gas emissions, and save money every month on their
home*s energy bills.

According to research from Ontario Power Authority (2006), residents
who retrofit their insulation and use electricity to heat and cool their
homes will save, on average, more than 2000 kWh of energy, over $150 on
their annual energy bill, and 0.5 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.
Residents who use gas will save 600 cubic metres, more than $250 on
their annual energy bill, and an estimated 1.2 tonnes of greenhouse gas
emissions from entering the air.

Home Energy Assistance Toronto is a partnership between the City and
the Federal ecoENERGY Retrofit-Homes, and means that homeowners can now
access insulation grants of up to $8,750 in total from all three levels
of government. Residents who undertake other important energy efficient
upgrades (such as improving toilets, doors, windows or heating and
cooling systems) can leverage even more funds – up to a combined

To be eligible, homeowners must follow the steps outlined by the
Federal program, which include the need to hire an Energy Advisor,
certified by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), to conduct a Home Energy
Assessment prior to renovation. For more information on eligibility
requirements, visit

The advisor begins by conducting a Home Energy Assessment and creates a
personalized Energy Efficiency Evaluation Homeowner Report. This report
states the homes current efficiency rating and features a list of
measures that could be completed to reduce its energy consumption, along
with grants for each listed improvement. Suggested retrofits could
include upgrades to insulation, as well as windows, doors, heating and
cooling systems, plus ways to conserve water.

In total, ecoENERGY Retrofit-Homes offers residents up to $5,000 in
home efficiency grants. Ontario’s Home Energy Savings Program then
matches these grants for another $5,000 (maximum). When combined with
HEAT, this means that homeowners can now access up to $11,000 in total
grants when they upgrade their home insulation, and also implement other
important energy efficient upgrades.

HEAT funds are available to residents who fulfill the eligibility
criteria and complete their home renovations between August 6, 2009 (the
date of Councils decision to implement HEAT) and March 31, 2012.

Visit for more information on the recommended
insulation measures for each area of the home.

From Councillor Adam Giambrone e-newsletter for Dufferin Grove Area.

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