March 13, 2022 | Good to Know

Merton Yonge Condo With Kay Gardiner Beltline Bridge

The Davisville neighbourhood has been a significant draw for young families over the years. In recent years this midtown neighbourhood has added a significant amount of condos, which has further diversified the area. We featured Davisville in one of  Best Toronto neighbourhood guides. We are going to cover some of our and our’s client’s favourite aspects in this Davisville neighbourhood guide. Not a lot of Torontonians realize just how active and outdoorsy the neighbourhood is!

Kay Gardiner Beltline

We love the beltline. It’s an incredible path that ranges from just east of Dufferin Road all the way down to the Brickworks! The path has walkers, baby strollers, joggers, dogs and bikes. It’s a beautiful reprieve from our busy streets. We even know some commuters who ride their bikes daily just to avoid stop and go of street lights and traffic. A local’s tip is to head out early enough to get a crepe from the Farmer’s Market. For those open to a little adventure, there is an entrance to the ravine at the southernmost part of the Mt. Pleasant Cemetary that will take you along the river and into Rosedale – it’s a hidden gem!

Little Sister Indonesian Food Bar

For those of you who love to explore international dishes, Little Sister comes highly recommended. There aren’t many Indonesian restaurants in Toronto, so this is a must-visit if you like exploring new flavours and cozy, casual spaces.

Mountain Biking Trails

Yes, you read the above correctly, Toronnot’s Don Valley Trails are great for mountain bikers. It always shocks people just how many trails are tucked in the forest that runs much of the length of the Don River and other connected tributaries. There are nearly 100 KMs of trails. It’s an excellent escape for those looking to get a sweat on. From the Davisville side, you can drop in behind the Loblaws on Renway Rd.

We could go on and on about the Davisville Neighborhood. What we wanted to do was to highlight the great activities that are just outside the backdoor here in Davisville.

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