Dufferin Grove & Dovercourt Park Real Estate Home Sales for August 2009

Sales by street in the Dufferin Grove and Dovercourt Park Neighbourhood for August 2009:

• Delaware Road

• Salem Avenue

• Westmoreland Avenue

• Dovercourt Road

• Bartlett Avenue

• Rusholme Road

Average home sale in the Dufferin Grove and Dovercourt Park neighbourhoods was $516,242; Median Home sale was $462,500 – there were 6 homes sales in the month of August. Low house sale was $390,000 the high was $826,250.

The average days on the market of these homes was 4! Four days on the market is incredibly short, most houses in Toronto’s downtown are on the market for at least a couple of weeks.

Average Value in 2008 vs. 2007
* 2007: Average Sale Price: $405, 620 (125 Sales)
* 2008: Average Sale Price: $490, 283 (99 Sales)

“Living and working in our community.” – Ryan Roberts

* Geographic area for these sales: Dufferin to Ossington; College to Dupont

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