March 5, 2018 | Good to Know

As the winter blues begin to pass, the temperature begins to go up and the snowmelt it can be hard to imagine that green grass, leaves and chirping birds are just around the corner. This is a great time for getting your home ready for spring.

The more you can do now to prep your home for sale in the spring real estate market the better of you will be better able to avoid stress in the final days leading up to listing your home and ultimately maximize the sale price.

Here are my tips for getting your home ready for spring:

Spring Clean The House

It is so important to declutter and remove as much as you can from the home for two reasons: 1) This will greatly help the stagers and ultimately how your house shows to others; 2) It will save you a hassle when moving out (we typically forget just how much stuff we can accumulate over the years that we do not use). Do you have magazines from 1999 in the basement? Best to move recycle those ahead of a sale. Clothes that you forgot were in the back of the closet? Donate these to a local Salvation Army. Now that you have created more space in the home it is time to clean from top to bottom. Don’t forget about the windows – you may be surprised that just by cleaning the windows you can allow an incredible amount of extra light into your home.

Make Repairs & Improvements

Are the eavestroughs loose from heavy snow? Nail it back on. Have you been ignoring the loose doorknob to the kitchen? Give it a tighten. Holes in the drywall from the previous picture frame? Patch it. Look around your home and ask yourself what can be improved. It’s not uncommon to become used to your home and overlook what others notice at first glance.


Nothing beats a fresh coat of paint, keep in mind that lighter tones really brighten up a space and make it feel larger than it is. We typically don’t realize just how dirty and scuffed our walls can become over time. Freshening up the home will go a long way.

Yard Work

After a long winter and the snow melts, we see just what the yard looks like. Branches can be scattered around, leaves left over from the fall. Dirt builds up. Take a Saturday afternoon to take care of the yard work. Curb appeal is the first thing that buyers see and judge and is a top tip for getting your home ready for spring!

Interview Realtors

Invite a couple of realtors in to evaluate your home. Interview them, get a sense of who would best fit your needs. Who can you build a trusting relationship with? Professional, insightful insights are essential.


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