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Hollywood Gelato Selections

Once upon a time, Leaside was the land of bungalows. In fact, that time was not so long ago. The early 2000s gave way to a wave of builders to see the potential of the lot sizes and the development potential of these bungalows. Fast forward to where we are today, and you are hard-pressed to see any of those original post-war bungalows remaining. You will see many newly built homes. As was as the original two story (initially three up to three down homes – i.e., three bedrooms upstairs and three rooms on the main floor), the difference being there have been many additions added to the back of the homes basically doubling the usable space of the original home.  The growth of families and the financial success of Leaside’s residents have driven the house values up to be amongst the highest in the city of Toronto.

What makes Leaside such a wonderful neighbourhood?  Leaside is a family-friendly neighbourhood – lots of organized sports and art programs; quiet streets, access to the downtown core with the use of the Bayview Extension; great shops and restaurants. Not to mention the schools are exceptional. Having access to Yonge street without being on the main strip makes for a Pleasantville type of neighbourhood.

Leaside Neighbourhood Guide

Sophie’s Kitchen

Sophie’s eggs benedict is the best in Leaside.  Is there anything else that one would have for brunch? Kidding! There are a number of great items on the menu, even beyond their Leaside best brunches


BuaBua Thai food has been the highest-rated Thai food in Leaside for nearly a decade. That is saying something as there are several Thai restaurants that we like through Leaside and Davisville. The primary difference being that this is truly authentic Thai. Don’t take our word for it…go try it out for yourself!


A little known fact about this excellent, gourmet sushi in the heart of Leaside: the founding chef was originally a chef for the world-famous Nobu. What more could you ask for? International perspective and experience have leant itself to a great menu. There is limited (and modest) seating, and most people will call well in advance for take-out. This is a must-eat sushi restaurant.

Hollywood Gelato

Hollywood Gelato has long been a destination for Leasiders and other Torontonians. This was the first gelato shop in Toronto. We can recall line ups around the corner many years ago, so this isn’t a new thing on a summer day. It’s a reality of visiting one of Toronto’s best gelato shops!

Park Access

Leaside offers access to some incredible park, including Sunnybrook Park access and Brickworks. The Don Trails are also accessible, providing excellent hiking trails and mountain biking trails. It’s no wonder that Leasiders love their neighbourhood and how they can quickly get away to the peace and tranquillity that the park systems offer.

If you want to know more about the area and the homes and condos available, reach out to us here, we are also happy to talk.

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