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What Is A Real Estate Listing Agent?

As you can imagine, with more than 60,000 registered real estate agents at the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, many agents choose to specialize in a niche or skillset. Realtors who are Listing Agents typically have an exceptional skill set that is hard for other agents to match. A listing agent in Toronto is a full-service real estate agent, someone who has the experience, the support staff and the elite skills to sell a Toronto home no matter what the state of the market is – whether that’s a seller’s market, flat market or a buyer’s market – listing agents have the answer.

A listing agent dedicates their time to servicing home sellers. A top-producing listing agent is constantly improving their skills and knowledge. They understand the latest trends and the local area better than anyone else. Being a listing agent requires several key points of knowledge and strength. Let’s dive into the 6 signs of a great real estate listing agent!

1. Marketing Savvy

Many Realtors will claim to understand marketing, but having a background in advertising, demographics and market demand separates a listing agent from the others. This is more than photos and social media – this is not a plan that involves “setting and forgetting” – this involves constant attentional and adjustments to the market’s signals to sell the house for the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. Beyond print materials for home delivery, beyond a website, we at Sage have an in-house marketing team, professional printing machine for mass mailouts, and our website is one of the higher-ranked SEO websites in downtown Toronto of which means more exposure for your listing. Here is a sample of the quality of work we put into our property listings.

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2. Communication Skills

How often do you enter a retail shop and find yourself disappointed with the sales representatives’ communications? Did they maybe rub you the wrong way? How likely are you to return to the retail shop if it wasn’t a great experience? A listing agent is committed to communicating effectively and professionally with their clients. It’s an essential skill that goes a long way with clients and the other real estate agents in the industry – agents should be treated professionally. If you think about it, you want your selling agent to be professional, approachable and serving your best interests. If they make an error in communication judgement, it could drive the buyer agent and their clients away from your home and on to the next.  A great listing agent has a strong rapport with other agents! A listing agent must be able to clearly articulate the benefits of your home and be able to hold their ground to ensure that the most of money is made on the sale of your home. At the end of the day, you need a real estate agent who is personable and attentive to you and your needs.

3. Negotiation

It’s easy for a Realtor to say that they are a good negotiator. But the truth is most are not experienced or well educated on the matter. Emotions can quickly get the better of a real estate agent. Before they know it, they have either wrecked the deal by pushing the co-operating agent and their clients away, upset their own clients or completely lost their perspective on the goal – to serve their clients. There are several key elements to a negotiation. In fact, we recently brushed up on our negotiation skills by taking the Stanford University negotiation course. The key to a strong negotiation is self-awareness on behalf of the realtor and effective communication. One needs to read the room, so to speak. To ask the necessary questions to clarify their client’s needs and what the buyer is looking to do, they can bridge the gap to their client’s benefit while managing the other party effectively.

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4. Stong Team & Administration

We are big believers that a key to our success as listing agents is that Sage is incredibly professional. A cutting-edge brokerage and experienced readily available management for backend support. Sage is a traditional brokerage – which means that they aren’t cutting corners, only the best service is permitted, no cracks are left for anything to fall through. We offer a white-glove service for all of our clients – a top-notch offering for each client.

5. Toronto Market Knowledge

Localized Toronto neighbourhood insights are essential. Not only what house or condo sold for what, but what is happening in the area. The truth about real estate is that values can change not only week-over-week but from day to day. The reason being is that the buyer market pool is constantly being absorbed and added to. A buyer has specific criteria once they find the property they want. They will buy if you list the next day you may not have the same number of interest buyers – the flipside is that you may have more buyers considering your home as more are added to the mix.

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6. Strong History Of Success & Happy Clients

Having a strong track record for selling homes is key. Not only a resume to show that the listing agent has succeeded over the test of time but has kept up to date with the newest technology, education and relationships. The best way to prove this is the read the reviews and testimonials of a listing agent’s past clients. 90% of our business is built on repeat and referral business – the reason being is that we care so much for our clients. We are always available to guide and advise before and after the sale. We are fully committed to their happiness and success. It’s an honour to work with our clients and their friends over and over again. We build trust, which goes a long way in life, let alone in the real estate industry. We can be counted on.

Selling in the Toronto real estate market takes great skill and guidance to capitalize on your property’s value. Contact us here to learn more about how we can sell your house and make you proud. We are always here to help our clients out; contact us now

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