Proposed Home Energy Audit In Ontario

McGuinty has proposed a mandatory home energy audit for anyone buying or selling a home in Ontario. At this stage it is unclear as to how this may or will be implemented. No one in the government or media is able to pinpoint whether it would be mandatory for the Vendor (AKA Seller) or Buyer of the home to spend the roughly $300 for the energy efficiency audit.

This poses some interesting questions like: 1) will there be an effect on the value of the listed home?; 2) Who will be responsible to pay the improvement costs (will this be like the way a home inspection is treated ie., an abatement may come up)?; 3) Are people ready for green / environmental initiatives?

I understand that an aspect of this proposal is to increase spending the the eco-sustainable industry in Canada so, in in this case it does make sense. I just don’t know if home owners are going to be overly enthusiastic when it comes to improving their home’s energy efficiency as it can be someone cost prohibitive depending on the initiative.

I suppose if it has an effect on their property’s value it may grab their attention. That being said I know many seller’s who don’t want to give their rooms a lick of paint to increase the saleability of their property…

My eyes are wide open on this one. Contact me with any questions.

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