Stolen Bikes From A Condo In Toronto

I just had two bikes stolen over the weekend. These two bikes were worth a lot of money.

So, from my negative experience I offer a few words of wisdom to all of you bike lovers out there…

1) If you have nice bikes and live in a condo consider ignoring the condo board when they say your bikes are not permitted in the condo or the elevators. (look, this is written in a moment of frustration, as a “Realtor” I leave this to your own decision and cannot condone this as  you can get in trouble). That these must be kept in the parking area or your locker. Their security is NOT good enough to protect them. The thieves went through three locks to get to my bikes (and the many, many others  – including scooters – that were stolen from the building that night). I would take a slap on the wrist from the board any day compared to the financial and sentimental loss.

2) Insure your specific bikes in detail (and keep them updated when you replace them). My insurer is offering 1K, which is a small fraction of the cost to replace both bikes

3) Register your bike the the police (see link below). It’s free, easy and you never know, it may actually help get your bike(s) back!

When you google “stolen focus cyclocross bike toronto” (not expecting ANYONE to ever post this but was curious what may pop up) well, Kijiji pops up…sad but it makes me think I will keep an eye on that site as well as craigslist over the coming months.

Please also keep an eye online and in used bike shops for the Focus Mares CX cyclocross bike (below) and a Bianchi steel frame fixie with white deepdish wheels (one of a kind, wish I had a picture that I could use to mourn the loss). Both are unique in our city. Both were stolen from the Queen and Broadview area of Toronto.

I’m posting this to help all of you out as well as retaining some hope of getting those bikes back.

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Toronto Police Bike Registry:

Another helpful site:


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