Surprisingly Quiet Central Downtown Neighbourhood – The Annex!

Being a real estate sales representative, I frequently choose new routes to and from appointments. One of my favourite routes is through the heart of Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood. It is more of a maze then a ‘route’, there are many one ways streets, prohibited turning at certain hours, blocks that do not connect streets. What I really like about this is that it forces the pedestrian usage of the neighbourhood versus the auto. The streets are lines with beautiful Victorian and Georgian homes.

Of note there are many disposal bins out front of the old homes in the Annex. Many of these homes have been rooming houses or homes to students at U of T and Ryerson. However, the wealth of Yorkville and surrounding neighbourhoods has pushed this neighbourhood into a whole new realm. Many houses have received a fresh coat of paint and windows. This is such a great neighbourhood in our city.

If you would like to know more about the Annex please feel free to contact Ryan Roberts.

(funny thing is this neighbourhood is leading the polls at the right side of this page).

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