November 11, 2013 | Good to Know

I’m not convinced that the TTC should be allocation money towards this initiative in Summerhill over other TTC subway expansion in the core but I’m sure the nieghbourhood will find this helpful. The station is not nearly as busy as other stations across the core.

The TTC will be holding a public open house to consult and discuss the improvements at many stations including Summerhill TTC Station which serves both that neighbourhood and Rosedale. The TTC will be holding this discussion at St Paul’s Bloor Street Church Great Hall at 227 Bloor Street East in Rosedale. November 19th from 7pm-9pm.

For more details have a look at their site: TTC second exit planning process


In addition the following stations will be receiving 2nd extis: Chester, Museum, Chester, College, Donlands, Dundas, Dundas West and Greenwood.


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