What Is A Real Estate Agent?

LinkAs many people know, we as, Realtors are governed by a regulatory body called RECO. There are many rules and regulations that we must followed whether one is a Sales Representatives or a Broker. Long held norms of the public and the media have called Sales Representatives and Brokers “Real Estate Agents” when in fact this is incorrect. The proper use of the term “Real Estate Agent” can only be given to the Brokerage, for example: Bosley Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage is a Real Estate Agent. I am a Sales Representative of the Real Estate Agent, Bosley Real Estate, Ltd.

It is quite likely that the public and the media will continue to state “Real Estate Agent” when referring to Sales Representatives and Brokers however, it is important to know the difference. If you are looking for a real estate sales representative who works in Toronto Real Estate please contact Ryan Roberts at Bosley Real Estate.

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