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Best Investment Neighbourhoods In Toronto

What are the Best Value Investment Neighbourhoods in Toronto?

Homes have always been first and foremost a lifestyle decision. A home where family and friends can meet and enjoy life. An interesting shift that has happened with the advent of Home and Garden Television and other media focusing on home improvements and money-making. Another huge impact for the investment upside and massive increase in the value of homes in Toronto can be traced back to the financial crisis back of 2008-09. The financial crisis spurred lower lending rates – in other words, the residential mortgage became much cheaper. With cheaper mortgage rates came more significant investment into homes.

Now that many home buyers and owners see their homes as not just a lifestyle decision but an investment, we have a few key neighbourhoods to focus on. Being that lifestyle is so essential for our clients; we do not list the “cheapest” areas of Toronto; we chose to consider the best value investment with excellent upside potential. We want our clients to enjoy their home and neighbourhood for years to come while also riding the wave of capital appreciation.

The Best Investment Neighbourhoods In Toronto


Davisville is certainly a substantiated neighbourhood, long-held as a wealthier starter home neighbourhood. That being said, the values can be excellent based on the size of homes and lots. Considering the lots are narrower, and many houses are semi-detached, there is a lower price point. A significant upside that clients enjoy in Davisville is that they know they can walk in any direction for 30 minutes and feel completely safe. Merton Street and Yonge Street condos are continuing to come to the market and offer excellent value and accessibility.

Leslieville & Riverdale

If you have been following our best investment neighbourhood guides over the years, you would have seen both of these neighbouring areas of Leslieville and Riverdale before. Why are we raising these two again? Simple fact: the growth remains enormous. Supply is not keeping up with the demand. Keep a close on the easter portion of Leslieville and nearing Gerrard East (dare we say the often forgotten street of Toronto?). Another significant influence is the number of condo developments being built to service the influx of interested buyers. Lots of value increase ahead; expect a long runway!

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Moore Park

Before you say something along the lines of “isn’t that a very wealthy area of Toronto,” we agree. Here is the thing: Moore Park is wealthy, being that it is often considered North Rosedale – Moore Park is undervalued compared to Rosedale, Forrest Hill, Lytton Park and Lawrence Park. Why? Good question! The housing is superb, and the lots are spacious. The access to the Ravines is perfect. It may be that Moore Park is a car-centric neighbourhood, with few to no shops within walking distance. If you have the money and want to see a significant upswing in value in the years to come, we suggest purchasing in Moore Park!

This was no means an exhaustive list of great investment neighbourhoods in Toronto, but it’s a start. We choose to look at neighbourhoods in ways that are not necessarily common. We find that our clients like an outstanding balance of lifestyle, neighbourhood enjoyability and the upside of financial gains over time.

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