May 29, 2017 | Good to Know


Have you ever gone through an “older” condo in Toronto? You may have realized it was older from the exterior…for example it was constructed with brick…pretty rare these days when most condos appear to be glass boxes in the sky.

When you walked into the condo living unit you may have noticed the ceilings were lower (designed before the popularity of “Loft” living came around, with ceilings of 9+ feet). Perhaps those ceilings were “popcorn ceilings” (the stucco appearance). What I have found with older condo units that have not had the benefit of a modern renovation is that the kitchen may be designed like a house’s kitchen, far too big for the space…designed for a large family. Designed to be a room unto itself. I don’t know why this was ever done. Other than builders believed that this is what buyers wanted. However, the reality is that most people don’t know what they want until options are given to them and a solid explanation of the benefits of each.

Honey, Please Shrink My Kitchen!:

If you think about it, it’s rare to see a condo with more than two bedrooms. These modern condo kitchens that are built are far too big for the space. It uses up precious living space. What has also happened over the last 5-10 years is that fewer and fewer urban condo residents actually prepare their own food or host friends and family in their condos. They eat out at restaurants or order in. This is further proven when you see the narrow/condo sized fridges and dishwashers that builders install – only enough room for a few staples of food, and leftover foods. I suppose you could also call these fridges extra large wine fridges! It certainly makes sense considering the shift in living styles that the urban Toronto has experienced over the last decade.

Multi-Purpose Kitchen:

One more point I will make is that condo residents love a moveable kitchen island, it doubles as a cutting board, breakfast space, dining table and office desk. This type of versatility goes a long way towards maximizing living space in today’s condos! This versatile piece allows for the redefining of the space, allowing to open up the space or close the space depending on the position or location of the moveable island.

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