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The Junction neighbourhood in Toronto has gone through one of the most significant transformations in terms of gentrification in recent years. It’s no longer this far off neighbourhood that few but locals explored. That has changed. There are some great condo developments, furniture shops, design shops, cafes and restaurants. The Junction is no longer a well-kept secret. Buyers know that there are some incredible homes and history throughout the area. Add in the fact that the UP Express services the southeast corner of the neighbourhood has even more access to downtown. Our top 3 restaurants have an international flair!

Our Top 3 Restaurants In The Junction:

Playa Cabana Cantina

We love tacos. Tacos and avocados are all the rage in recent years. Playa Cabana was initially an Annex only restaurant, but thanks to the increasing love of Tacos, they have expanded. So, you really can’t go wrong with this one.


Well, the name of this Indian restaurant playfully demonstrates the origins and its key strength, delicious food! Very telling. Go have a taste for yourself. It’s a small space that cannot hold more than a couple of dozen hungry souls. It’s worth exploring some of their currys! The exterior signage and interior decor may have you thinking twice, but give it a shot! We believe you will love the food!

Luna Junction

Continuing the Internation culinary list here is Luna Junction. This time we delve into Mediterranean food. There is a home cook feel to this gem. Did you ever visit Luna on Dovercourt? Well, it’s the same family. Be sure to hit up a brunch like the old days on Dovercourt. Just know that the dinner won’t let you down, either.


Reach out to us here if you want to know more about Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood. We are here to help, especially with your real estate needs!



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