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Annex House

Selling An Annex House

Selling in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood is uniquely different than other Toronto neighbourhoods. Why? The Annex has a mix of architecture that most other city areas do not have, a mix of multi-unit housing, and rooming houses through to the ultra-high-end Annex houses. Needless to say, each Annex house is vastly different than just about any other downtown neighbourhood (and this is only just touching the surface). We at Sage Real Estate have a superior approach to leverage our many years working in The Annex to help our clients sell their homes faster, for more money and with the least amount of stress. Our brokerage, Sage Real Estate, is the most progressive, digitally savvy and professional real estate brokerage in Toronto, but we would argue in Canada. This is not hyperbole – contact us, and we can tell you why we chose Sage Real Estate and continue to each day!

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Staging an Annex House

Staging has become an essential aspect of selling an Annex house. The reason is that buyers have grown to expect clean lines, designer highlights and a clear demonstration of just how wonderful it would be to live in your Annex house! Gone are the days of relying on many designs and fashions and trusting that the buyer lacks savvy. The truth is that buyers are incredibly savvy and decerning. They expect a lot these days, thanks to Instagram, magazines and shows. Staging the home makes a world of difference!

Here is a snippet of our industry-leading online, digital listing presentation – we are incredibly proud of how detailed and engaging this is for our clients:

Online real estate listing presentation


Marketing is the next key aspect of selling an Annex home. The go-to-market strategy will be further addressed in the below topics of pricing, strategy, and timing of the Annex listing. One doesn’t stop at staging when marketing the property. An elite photographer is essential to bring the space and lifestyle to life! Also, a house tour and floor plans are musts. The next step is to ensure that we target the Annex homebuyers through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook Ads, flyers, SEO, etc. The list goes on and on. Let us not forget the importance of International home buyers looking to scoop up Annex homes – we have access to hundreds of syndicated sites and brokerages worldwide, ensuring that your listing gets the maximum exposure to relevant buyers!

Pricing Strategy

Hit the wrong pricing strategy, and none of the above points will matter. A pricing strategy will make or break the success of your sale. List too high above market value, and you miss your target Annex buyer. The listing will sit on the market, and agents and buyers alike will assume something is materially wrong with the house – no one will show your house. List at market value may be wise, but this really depends on what is happening in the local Annex real estate that week. Pricing below the market value may be wise if there is a great deal of buyer demand in the Annex  – as long as you hold back offers, again, you need to get this just right.  Note: in recent years, Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood has been one of our city’s hottest areas!

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Timing Of The Market

First and foremost, the best time to sell is when you are ready and when you have a plan in place as to what your next move will be. Not sure? We are here to help; call us here, and we can guide you through the decision-making process. Historically speaking, the Spring real estate market in Toronto is the most robust – it technically kicks off in late January (yes, you read that correctly.) The Fall is the next best market to sell. All this being said, some circumstances have worked out very well for our Annex sellers, as the Annex is in a high-demand area. It’s simply a matter of market knowledge, perfect execution and professionalism. Annex houses will transact at any time of year as long as the strategy is appropriate – something that we pride ourselves on!

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Listing Timeline

The typical timeline to get an Annex house ready to sell, market launch and get an agreement of purchase and sale in place varies depending on the exact market conditions. We can get a house on the market within a few days. If extensive staging is required, then there will be additional time needed. The same goes for painting and any necessary repairs. We sell our houses in nearly half the time that the average agent in Toronto sells a house – we get fast results with the maximum sale value.

We also strive to have a buyer offer with no conditions so that you know that the agreement is firm and binding. In many cases, this is completed within a week to two (depending on market conditions).  Real estate closings (i.e., transfer of land title and funds) are typically between 45-60 days. We have closed houses in 2 weeks through several months, depending on circumstances and the client’s needs.

Selling an Annex house requires far more skill, experience and market savvy than many of Toronto’s neighbourhoods. The reason is that the buyer and market landscape is far more mature, and working with some of the finest Realtors in Toronto. It would be best if you worked with the most progressive, communicative, creative and determined team that you can find. We strive to be exactly that.

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