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Macintosh - Yellow Lab

You may be wondering who this adorable Yellow Lab is? Well, this is Macintosh a picture snapped just north of Toronto in Muskoka. We are dog lovers! Getting away from the urban to the country or lake is one thing but in the city, what’s a dog to do? Fortunately, for any of you in the west end of Toronto some of the best dog parks are in the west, this is in part to the fact that the downtown core of Toronto doesn’t have much park space, the few that are in the core of our city are more akin to “parkettes”.

Top 3 Dog Parks In West Toronto:

High Park Dog Park

Toronto’s closest version to NYC’s Central Park has one of the most popular Off-Leash Dog Parks in the city. There is a doggy water fountain for your pooch to stay hydrated! Also, take a stroll through Roncesvalles on your way to High Park, grab a coffee and prepare to watch your dog run circles of glee with the other dogs in the neighbourhood.

Trinity Bellwoods

Can your dog possibly hang and ham it up with hipper pooches? We think not! Trinity Bellwoods in West Queen West is already known as the hipster capital of Toronto, so why wouldn’t the dogs be just as hip? Good luck trying to keep count of the French Bulldogs running around this park. If you haven’t been you will notice that the park is in what was likely a quarry many years ago, so it keeps the dog park pretty contained without the typical fencing.

South Stanely Park

South Stanley Park is the great escape for all of King West’s dogs – the condo canines are beyond excited to get off the least after being patiently waiting for you to get home! This park can get pretty busy with our very excitable friends! Did you know that King West is our #1 neighbourhood for singles, click here?


Reach out and ask us what neighbourhood would best suit you and your furry pal! Want to explore the latest listings, click here!


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